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Choose the level of service that works for your business

Whether you are interested in the ‘ready to go’ Copia MPS portfolios, our IFA-branded MPS Plus service to support your client marketing, or in our MPS Custom service designed bespoke to your client base, we have a service to suit your business strategy. 

We pride ourselves on our flexibility as a DFM service provider and in addition, we can undertake research for advisers ready to develop their own portfolios.

All our services are created with one primary goal in mind – to work in partnership and allow you, the IFA, to shine. Whatever your needs, we are here to add value to your proposition, to take the risk and administrative burdens away from your business, and to ensure that you have access to the same cost advantages as leading institutional investors. 

Copia portfolio services at a glance

High performing investment portfolios utilising passive funds, active funds or a blend of both to ensure transparency, diversification and risk control.

MPS is Copia’s range of high-performing portfolios, each of which is designed to fulfil the full range of investment needs across your individual client’s entire investment lifecycle. Copia MPS may be our ‘entry level’ service but it’s by no means entry level in features.  Available to all sizes of adviser, these portfolios are typically constructed using a combination of passive and active funds, to ensure transparency, diversification and risk control.

More information on our ‘ready to go’ MPS portfolios »

Build your own IFA investment brand with ‘white-labelled portfolios’ backed by full marketing support and Copia’s expertise.

MPS Plus is our added-value service range. Constructed around our MPS portfolios, this service helps you build your own unique IFA investment brand. Each portfolio in the MPS Plus range can be ‘white-labelled’ with your own identity, and the service includes ongoing marketing support, with branded content and other services including quarterly investment committee meetings with our fund management team.

Designed in partnership with Copia to satisfy your clients’ very specific personalised investment objectives.

Copia’s premium portfolio service is MPS Custom. This service offers bespoke portfolios which have been designed to satisfy the specific requirements of your firm’s client base. Engaging the MPS Custom service involves us working in partnership with you to first define your clients’ precise portfolio specifications and then creating and managing a personalised investment strategy to suit the client’s individual goals. In addition to meetings with your quarterly investment committee, we support you with branded marketing materials, regular updates and highly responsive support.

Bespoke research support and consultancy for your own investment solutions.

If you prefer to manage your own investment portfolios, we can provide a bespoke investment research service tailored to your needs and have successfully assisted over 20 adviser firms to develop their own investment solutions for defined client target markets.

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Copia Client Categorisation

Copia treats all actual and potential MPS investor clients as Retail customers.

Whilst all Copia’s MPS portfolios are managed to deliver value for money, the mandates to manage model portfolios for those Retail investor clients do vary, between Copia’s off the shelf models, and those customised for specific adviser firm’s target markets.

Copia’s Custom product mandates are managed under Agent of Client (aka Reliance on Others), where Copia treats the Adviser firm as the agent of the investor client and relies on them for information on the client. Under these arrangements, often referred to as tripartite, there is a direct contractual relationship between Copia and the investor client. This means that should it be required, direct access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is available to that investor as a direct client of Copia.

Off the shelf products are managed under an Agent as Client contractual basis, where for all practical information and instruction purposes treats the Adviser firm as the client. Under this arrangement there is no contractual relationship between Copia and the investor client. The contractual relationship here is only between Copia and the Adviser firm (and between adviser firm and investor client), but it still allows the adviser firm to make suitable investment decisions on the investor client’s behalf. However, without that direct contractual relationship between Copia and the investor client, there is no access to the Financial Ombudsman Service through Copia.

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Understanding the risks

This information is intended for professional financial advisers only. Copia does not provide financial advice. This information is not intended as financial advice and should not be interpreted as such. Model investment portfolios may not be suitable for everyone. The value of funds can increase and decrease, past performance and historical data cannot guarantee future success. Investors may get back less than they originally invested.

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