Our world is facing the biggest environmental and social challenges ever and we all have a responsibility to drive positive action towards a more sustainable way of living. At Copia, we have the privilege of helping to both influence and facilitate the changes needed. We do this by empowering IFAs to help their clients make more informed decisions about how they invest their money.

Investing ethically is not only good for the planet, it is also financially astute. Our ESG portfolios have performed exceptionally well and will continue to be popular as attitudes to ethical and sustainable  investing change. Our goal is to enable our IFA clients to drive a new generation of ESG investing, underpinned by our expert DFM services.

 Sustainability is built into all our products from the ground up. We use world-class data sourced from MSCI, the leader in ESG investment research. This enables us to construct our portfolios around funds that we genuinely know the ‘green credentials’ of and we actively screen out less well ranking alternatives.

In addition to this, Copia has partnered with Earthly and is working towards becoming a fully climate positive organisation by funding a nut farming project in Brazil.  We are currently a climate positive team and have achieved this goal by carbon offsetting all our employees’  workplace activities.

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