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Copia’s Select ESG portfolio range has been designed to grow and preserve capital over the medium-to long-term. These portfolios have been designed for your clients with long term investment horizons, where there is a need for a portfolio diversified across multiple asset classes and geographies. The range is constructed with MSCI ESG-compliant funds that are then screened for performance, ESG profile and value for money characteristics. 


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Long term growth (wealth accumulation)


Grow and preserve capital for different levels of risk relative to global equities


Strategic (asset-based), tactical realignments using the Copia Risk Barometer


Screened ESG-compliant funds


Min/Max Position, Turnover, Asset Range




Copia Select ESG portfolios are managed consistently using Copia’s investment approach:

1. Set portfolio objectives

Ensure broadly diversified and efficient portfolios are offered to grow and preserve your clients returns over the long-term for different levels of risk relative to Global Equities.

2. Focus on asset allocation

Provide optimised strategic asset allocations, broadly diversified across asset class and geographies. Each portfolio has a strategic asset allocation based on long-run risk-return expectations for each individual asset class and the portfolio as a whole. Our expectations are calculated using capital market assumptions from BlackRock Investment Institute. Tactical asset allocation changes are made using the Copia Risk Barometer.

3. Deliver smarter portfolio construction

Build multi-asset ESG portfolios using a combination of ESG-compliant investments for applicable asset classes.

Why choose Select ESG?

Copia’s Select ESG range is for investors who require an actively risk managed multi-asset portfolio constructed with ESG-compliant equity and bond funds in a way that is diversified, transparent, liquid and cost efficient.

Evaluating Portfolio Strategy & Outcomes

Advisers can evaluate Copia’s Select ESG portfolios’ outcomes by:

For historic data, we use 36-month data as our minimum measuring period.

Expected risk-return

Outcome Chart - Annualised Return

Since 31-Oct-2016

Copia Select ESG - Annualised Returns Chart

For illustration only. Returns based on Total return, assuming income is re-invested immediately and rebalanced on due dates.

Available CPI data has been used as a comparator for real systems. CPI data for September 2021 is currently unavailable and not shown. 

The annualised returns are calculated based on the period from the inception date of the Select portfolios (31-Oct-2016) to 31-July-2021. The performance figures for Select ESG portfolios include simulated data before the inception date of the Select ESG portfolios (31-Mar-2020)

ESG Screening Framework

Some ESG funds have a negative screening approach. Others have a positive screening approach. We build our ESG portfolios with funds that use either or both approaches.

Negative Screening Criteria

Exclude businesses with high negative social or environmental impact.

Positive Screening Criteria

Include businesses with high positive social or environmental impact.

For more information about the Copia Select ESG range speak to one of our relationship managers by calling 0345 850 8880 or emailing us at [email protected]

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Understanding the risks

This information is intended for professional financial advisers only. Copia does not provide financial advice. This information is not intended as financial advice and should not be interpreted as such. Model investment portfolios may not be suitable for everyone. The value of funds can increase and decrease, past performance and historical data cannot guarantee future success. Investors may get back less than they originally invested.

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